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Inflatable Duct Seal System

Alternative Choice of RDSS and TDUX. Much Cheaper & Ideal


Inflatable Duct Seal in Searik

IDSS Inflatable Duct Sealing System Supplier in China.

Our main partners are China Telecom, China Mobile China Unicom since 2004.

  • The IDSS inflatable duct sealing system wraps around cables in the ducts of manholes or exchange vaults.
  • The product effectively seals telephone cable ducts, stopping or preventing water from leaking into the manhole or vault.
  • Standard kits accommodate a wide range of cable diameters, as well as empty ducts and ducts with multiple cables.
  • Kits for hard to reach areas are also available.
  • Good choice as RDSS and TDUX Inflatable Duct Seal

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Inflatable Duct Cable Sealing System ( IDSS ) Details

The product can be easily and quickly installed, even in flowing water. The IDSS duct sealing system is inflated with air or CO2 gas and conforms to the irregular geometry of cables and ducts. With an optional accessory kit, it can even be used in square ducts. The IDSS duct sealing system is easy to remove even in adverse field conditions.

Why use Inflatable Duct Cable Sealing System ?

Inflatable Duct Cable Sealing System ( IDSS ) is a unique inflatable wraparound duct seal system permanently sealing telephone cable ducts, preventing leakage of water from the duct into exchange vaults or manholes.

Fast & Easy Installation

Fast and easy to install and removal, even in congested enclosures, Very flexible and reliable wraparound sealing system.

Wide Cable Applications

Independent of duct or cable ovality, Wide application cable range with one size.Different sizes are available, sealing a wide variety of ducts and cables.

Sealing Convenience

Seals vacant ducts and ducts with one or more cables.Can be installed while water is flowing out of the duct.

Environmentaly Friendly

Water and airtight up to 50 kPa, Environmentaly friendly and non-toxic,Resistant to chemicals and bacteria.

Inflation Duct Sealing System Video

Searik's Inflatable Duct Cable Sealing System ( IDSS ) Patent / Certificates & Project Cases

Searik's Inflatable Duct Cable Sealing System ( IDSS ) Patent / Certificates

IDSS is an inflatable wraparound duct sealing system for the permanently sealing of cable ducts. It has been developed for use with plastic, concrete or steel ducting wall-feed-through systems. It is suitable for use on all types of cables in communication networks.


The basis of Inflatable Duct Cable Sealing System you may want to know

How to install Inflatable Duct Cable Sealing System?

What is the IDSS Suitability Datasheet Table?
Product Model Duct Outer Diameter(Ф mm) How to use(Suitable for 1 to 4 Cables)
Product Dimensions Cable Diameter(Ф mm)
IDSS一40 40 120×126 23~7.5
IDSS一50 50 120×180 45.5~7.5
IDSS一63 63 120×230 46.5~7.5
IDSS一75 75 120×280 48.5~8
IDSS一90 90 120×330 64~10.5
IDSS一110 110 120×400 84.9~12.9
IDSS一125 125 120×450 100~35
IDSS一160 160 140×560 129~40
IDSS一180 180 140×650 154~48
IDSS一200 200 140×700 178~56
IDSS一250 250 160×900 200~70
IDSS一300 300 180×1040 240~95


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